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Many times, when you’re battling a malfunctioning lock and seek locksmith service, you are recommended simple repair. In severe cases, you will be told to get the locks replaced. While availing the services of novice or an unprofessional technician, he/she will ask you to get the locks replaced directly in order to make profits out of such tactics.

While availing any type of locks repair task from New Vision IA Locksmith Store, you can be assured of receiving quality services! We have been serving the region for almost a decade. Our goodwill is what works most of the time. Our clients trust us completely. Since we care, they care for us too. It is simple quid-pro-quo. Unlike others, when it comes to lock repair, if the service helps you and solves the problem, this is what we will recommend, instead of attempting to rip you off.

Reasons you need lock repair:

There are certain parts of your house/ commercial property that are very easy for intruders to get in. If you keep such entrances duly locked, it will prevent mishaps. What we recommend is, call us for suggestions as well. Yes, we will render lock repair service, but will also guide you on the maintenance of the same as well. Get educated by our team of technicians.

Some of the reasons why you may call us:

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  • Your lock may simply refuse to function
  • Checkout any loophole in the security arrangement of your property
  • Your locks are not contemporary
  • Your key may either break, stop turning once inside the lock

How do we work?

You may opt for one of the several services we offer. One of such is our contractual inspection. Post taking the contract, you will get your house/property inspected twice or thrice in a year. If our team discovers a problem, you will be told about it along with the right solution. This enables us to identify any issues and carry out lock repairs at the right time.

Our aim and reason for existence is, to render best possible services. We try our best to give you guidance whenever and however needed. Our rates are prefixed and we do not charge anything extra. So, you can call us the moment you discover any issue connected to locks without worrying about the expenses. We will be at your place within 30 minutes. Our contact number is 515-218-2076